Saturday, 17 December 2011

Pass the schmauntfat

Bonus post!

The Enabler and I made perogies this morning, menno-style.  By hand, from scratch, using real from the farm cottage cheese.  Oh baby oh baby, this is the kind of food that makes me tick.  It's totally worth the work.  Well, now it is.  The first couple of times we tried making perogies together it ended with me getting ridiculously frustrated at my inability to actually get the dough to stick together when wrapping it around the cottage cheese.  Somehow the perogy-making gene passed me by.  Luckily, the Enabler got it through his Ukrainian roots, and although his past was filled with potato cheddar perogies, the skills are transferrable.  Now we've got it all sorted it out.  I'm the dough-wrangler, he's pinch-master extraordinaire.  It's like clockwork.

The trick is getting the dough and the filling to come out about even.  It's generally not a problem to have leftovers of either.  Cottage cheese filling makes excellent cottage cheese cakes when mixed with some extra flour and fried in a pan, and leftover dough can be rolled out and cut into strips and boiled to make yummy snacks...  That may sound gross but I really like dough.  Today though, we had a small amount of filling left but not really enough to make cottage cheese cakes.  I also had a small amount of dough but it was already scrap dough twice over so it was getting pretty tough to roll out and I couldn't roll it out thin enough to make a few more perogies.  So the Enabler steps in with an ecstatic look on his face (I swear there was a big flashing lightbulb over his head), and said "Why don't we just put the rest of the filling onto that dough and make a giant perogy?!?!?!"

So we did.

It ended up being about the size of a calzone.  Perzone?  Calogy?

We weren't sure if it would hold up during the boiling process but due to our skillz supreme, it totally did.

Giant perogy FTW!

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