Monday, 5 December 2011

I win at decorating trees

The Enabler and I put up our tree yesterday, in record time too!  The time it took to take it out of the box, put it together, fluff out the branches, string the lights, place all the decorations, and then clean up the boxes and fallen "needles", was just over an hour.  And we didn't even fight a little bit!  The first couple of times we put up a tree together were a real test on our relationship.  Between the tree assembly and light stringing it could get a little hairy, what with me telling him exactly what I wanted and how I wanted him to do it, and him doing it completely wrong (just kidding sweetie, love you!).  Our fourth Christmas together we solved the problem by me just doing it by myself.  Last year and this year however have gone much more smoothly, and we put up the tree together again.  I think it's because we finally splurged and bought a tree that isn't half broken, and we finally have enough working strings of lights that are all the same colour to actually wrap appropriately around the tree.  I don't know though, it could just be coincidence.

Today's pattern is another cute, quick and easy ornament.  In fact, it's actually called Cute Christmas Ornament.  I made a bunch of them last year, and it was really nice being able to put up a bunch of handmade ornaments this year well before Christmas, and not worrying about having to make a bunch more to fill up the tree.  Here are a couple of my favourites.  Please don't judge me for my barely-existent embroidery skills.

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