Sunday, 18 December 2011


We're in the home stretch now.  Only one week until Christmas!

At this point there's probably not enough time to knit something in time for Christmas unless it's a pretty small project, or you are a crazy fast knitter.  So if you're looking for ideas for Christmas at this point, this pattern isn't it.  Maybe next Christmas.  But if you actually made this shawl you'd have to be a saint (or insane) to give it away.

The pattern is called Gail (aka Nightsongs) and as far as I can tell the pattern is only available on ravelry unless you can read French or Dutch.  Also lots of other people have re-written the charts for it as apparently they are unclear.  I haven't knitted this but I found the pattern when searching for patterns that use Handmaiden Sea Silk.  I splurged and bought one skein of it from Mad About Ewe while on vacation on Vancouver Island, so I'm (still) looking for the perfect pattern for it.  I think this shawl is gorgeous but I probably won't ever knit it.  I've discovered that I like my shawls to function more like scarves, which means that they should still look good when scrunched up around my neck.  This shawl is one that kind of needs to be worn as a wrap, probably with a little dress, for a night out on the town in the middle of summer.  So I suppose if you start knitting it now you'd have it done in time for warm weather, but just barely.

One shawl that I made in summer that I've started wearing a lot now that the weather is cooler (except for the last week or so but that's another story) is Juneberry by Brooklyn Tweed.  It looks great as a scarf or just thrown around my shoulders and tucked so it doesn't fall off.  It's not a free pattern but when it's a Brooklyn Tweed pattern, it's worth it.

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