Friday, 9 December 2011

Fudge Friday

No, I'm not giving you fudge.

Instead, I'm taking a break today from posting patterns and I'm going to share one of my favourite Christmas songs instead.  It's from the album Almost a Full Moon by Hawksley Workman.  It's an album about Christmas instead of being a Christmas album.  It is mostly made up of non-traditional Christmas songs which some people might not enjoy because non-traditional Christmas songs tend to be terrible, but I really like it.

My favourite song on the album is called Learn How to Knit.  Since I don't know how to post the song without violating a bunch of copyright laws, I'm just going to post the lyrics and say that you should spring for it on iTunes since the song is only $0.99 (but if you manage to acquire it by some other means I promise I won't tell).

This song is so lovely in my opinion because it really captures the spirit of Christmas, the ideal of wanting to give absolutely everything in the world to someone.  But even if you don't have the means or the ability, it's always the thought that really counts.  Enjoy.  :)

Learn How to Knit

I don't have a cent this Christmas
usual it seems.
So I'm gonna learn how to knit

I'll knit you a sweater
I'll knit you a scarf
I'll knit a cigarette holder
I'll knit you an aeroplane to fly and meet me here
I'll knit you the nicest taxi cab to pick you up from the airport.
You get in.

I'll knit you some mittens
I'll knit you some socks
I'll knit you a cigarette holder
I'll knit you the perfect Christmas feast for us to share.
I'll knit you a setting sun that seagulls fly behind on the water

I'll knit you a blanket
I'll knit you a shawl
I might not knit anything at all
if my clumsy hands don't learn how to knit by Christmas day.
Would still invite me by to celebrate the day in the morning
if all I brought was a kiss?

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  1. Hi Amy, Just wanted you to know I'm enjoying your blog, even though I don't have the skill/patience/aptitude to be a knitter! I have great admiration for anyone who knits. My mom knitted many beautiful things and I cherish them! Anyway, keep blogging and I passed on your blog info to a friend of mine. Jan Loewen Landis