Saturday, 24 March 2012

Drumroll Please...

This week was not too bad in knitting land.  I wound some yarn and tidied my stash area (just a little though, didn't want to get carried away).  I turned the heel and finished the gusset on the Enabler's second Appendisock.  Best of all though, yes, the moment you've all (not) been waiting for...

I finished my sweater!  It finished blocking over the weekend and it got buttons on Monday evening.  Monday was freakishly hot and humid over here in Winterpeg, which was amusing since it was the last official day of Winter.  I can't remember previously experiencing very many winter days of plus 25 degrees C with thundershowers (Climate change?  What climate change?).  Regardless, I finished it and of course put it on to check out the finished product, and almost immediately had to take it off because I was sweltering in it.

Tuesday evening was nice and cool, perfect weather for a photoshoot with my lovely and talented BFF Stephanie.  I learned last year that the Enabler can't be trusted to take a decent photo of any sort so it was a great excuse to hang out!

Now to start planning sweater #2...



  1. Adorable! What a great art form sweater making is!

  2. You should come for another photo shoot yard has a lot more green stuff in it!!