Sunday, 18 March 2012


It appears that spring is here in Winterpeg, although the pessimist realist in me isn't really expecting it to stick.  As I write this it is 18 degrees C outside, and it's not even noon.  All of the snow disappeared this week, and I don't mean most of it but there's still a few piles of snow in the shadowy places.  No, I mean ALL of the snow.  I'm actually going to try to keep this pretty short because I don't want to squander away the precious minutes of lovely weather in case it starts snowing again (sorry, that's the pessimist realist talking).

This week was kind of crazy.  Shortly after I posted from The Enabler's hospital room last week Saturday, he was discharged and we went home.  All week he kept receiving gift and food baskets from friends and coworkers, and I would have felt a little left out but my mother-in-law bought me some gorgeous flowers.  There was more than one of them of course, but this was my favourite.

It's been a week now and he's doing great, however another member of the family is not doing so well.  Chairman Meow apparently broke his hip somehow and he had surgery on Thursday to have it fixed.  They called it a "femoral head excision" which sounds really strange.  What they do is they actually remove the "femoral head" which I guess is the ball joint in the hip.  For hip surgery in humans this would result in them replacing it with something, however in cats they just take it out and stitch them back up.  Over time the hip muscles will build up to replace the bone that was there, and they supposedly become good as new.  Sounds bizarre but I'm no vet.  I just give them my money and hope for the best.  That's all I can do, right?

He seems to be doing pretty well.  He can walk although it's a little wobbly, and he's already tired of being cooped up in the laundry room where we are keeping him so he doesn't run around too much or try jumping on anything.  If I sit in the middle of the floor he will walk continuous laps around me, good side in, so he can lean against me if he needs to get his balance.  Every so often he stops and looks up at me and meows as if to say "I'm doing good right?  I can go out and play now right?  Please?"  But perhaps I'm anthropomorphizing (I don't think I am).

I received my March sweet georgia sock yarn this week too!  It's called "spring garden" and I love it.  Although I am sad that this means I don't get any more...  Not sure what it will be but for right now I'm happy to just have it in my stash because the colours are so wonderfully springy!

The first of the Appendisox is finished, and the second cuff has been started.  I don't have a picture but I have something even better:  Proof that the hoodie is finally blocking!  I even have buttons for it!  I started the blocking on Thursday night, so as of tonight it will have been 72 hours (is that a rule?) but I think it's going to need longer than that.  I'm going to leave it at least until tomorrow night but it's only a matter of time before this thing is finally done.  It's too warm outside to wear it right now anyway.  Good thing I'm pretty sure it's going to get colder again before it warms up for real (sorry, pessimist realist again.)

And yesterday we were invited to celebrate St. Paddy's day with our friends that live just down the street.  I still hadn't made anything for their beautiful baby girl that was born on January 1, so I decided to make a hat.  I started it at 9 in the morning, and finished it at 4:30.  It didn't take nearly that long however, I had to take a few breaks in between for dishwashing, eating, and grocery shopping.  Total time from start to finish was probably around 4 hours.  I love baby hats!

The pattern is the Owl Tuque which I think is just the cutest thing.  I love owl cables, I can't get enough of them.  I'd made this pattern before with a ribbed brim for a little boy, but I thought for a little girl a rolled brim would be super cute.  It's too big for her still but the nice thing about knitting for babies/kids is that if you make something too big, you know it'll fit them eventually!

That's all for now, time to go outside and enjoy the warm weather (while I still can...)

Okay fine, so I'm a pessimist.

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