Monday, 2 April 2012

Better late than never?

I know I know, it's Monday and I haven't posted in over a week, I'm a bad blogger, I admit it.  Let's just say I had a crappy and busy week at work, and my free time was mostly spent playing video games and not knitting.  Well I knit a little but I didn't have anything to blog about when Saturday rolled around.  I have almost no desire to work on the Persnickety socks so they are still stalled on the leg portion of the second sock.  I know they'll get done eventually but just not yet.  I started knitting a lace something which is going to take a long time, and I can't blog about it because the intended recipient is one of the readers of this very blog.  I wouldn't want to ruin any surprises!

What about the Appendisox, you ask?  Well, as of about 30 minutes ago they are finished!  So at least that's one thing I can cross off my WIP list.  The Enabler put them on right away and they fit perfectly.

I did knit one other thing in the last week.  Well, yesterday actually.  Since the Enabler got a new job in another part of the city and we can't carpool to work anymore, I've been taking the bus.  I don't like reading or knitting on the bus because my commute is only 15-20 minutes, I'm not always guaranteed a seat, sometimes it's awkward and cramped even when sitting, and I occasionally get motion sickness.

What this means is a lot more time to listen to audiobooks.  Last year I cashed in some air miles, and even though I have an iPhone, I opted to get an iPod nano.  The thought process was that it's smaller and easier to take with me if I want to go walking, and less valuable than my phone if it breaks/gets lots/gets stolen.  This is what I load the audiobooks onto because I only use it to listen to one thing at a time, so I never lose my place.  However, after a week or two of using it more I realized that I needed a better strategy than just dropping it, headphones and all, into my purse to get tangled and scratched up throughout the day.  So I thought a little bit, then grabbed some leftover Noro Silk Garden and started knitting.

Problem solved, and it took about an hour.  I'm trying to think of excuses to make more now because it's so cute.  Hmmm let's see.  Phone... tissues... bandaids... tampons... 

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  1. Q-tips, aspirin, toothpicks...
    Need any more suggestions?