Saturday, 10 March 2012


I had plans for today's post. I had planned to talk about how my sweater was blocking and the cowl was finished and blocked and you were going to be so impressed with my productivity.

Well you know what they say about making plans. Life happened.

The Enabler started having severe stomach pains on Thursday night, which then progressed throughout the day on Friday and resulted in an appendectomy last night. What this all means is that my post today is limited to what can be done from the poorly lit hospital room.

Yesterday all I had with me was the second Persnickety sock which I worked on for a couple of hours until my exhausted eyes couldn't handle it anymore. I hardly made any progress, partially due to the terribly fiddly nature of the sock and partially because I didn't feel like knitting it. It apparently is not a waiting sock. It is not a sock to be knit in stressful situations, because my stitches got so tight at one point that I could barely cross them over each other.

Once the Enabler was in surgery and I was free to go home and prepare for today's visit, I knew the persnickety socks weren't going to cut it. I found an already wound skein of scarlet Arequippa and a set of 2mm dpns and tossed them into an empty project bag to bring with me today. When I got to the Enabler's room this morning I first made sure he was doing fine, and then I cast on for Appendisox. No, that's not a pattern so don't look for it.

The last pair of socks I made for the Enabler are well loved but apparently a bit too big. Instead of 72 sts, this time I cast on 68, and I'm doing a 1x1 rib for a couple of inches at the cuff before I will switch to 3x1 rib for the remainder of the leg and top of the foot.

Simple. Soothing. Meditative. Just right for a hospital room.

And don't worry, he's doing great.


  1. someone needs to write a song with the refrain "Appendisox, appendisox. Everyone wants appendisox. Appendisox, appendisox ... um, peace on earth, goodwill and so on..."

  2. That was me. I am mostly "unknown" but not entirely.