Saturday, 18 February 2012

Sweater, Interrupted

This week's on-the-go project was the Turn A Square hat by Jared Flood.  I cast on Tuesday night while at the theatre waiting for the play to start (and even managed to knit most of the k2, p2 brim in the dark without messing up.  Be impressed), worked on it at my knit night on Wednesday and a bit on my lunch break on Thursday, and finished it Thursday evening.  It's for the Enabler because clearly he deserved a reward after losing the gloves I made him.  Apparently he won't lose this hat.

I made it out of Shelter and some leftover Noro Kureyon.  I like being able to make projects out of yarn that is already in my stash.  It's very satisfying, especially when it involves using yarn leftover from a different project.  However, I always end up having leftover leftovers.  How many times do I have to use a ball of yarn before it'll be gone?  And each time it gets less useful but I still can't bring myself to throw out the rest of it.

Anyway it was a really quick and easy knit, and although I didn't block it like suggested I think it looks alright.  I cast on 104 stitches at the beginning instead of the 96 in the pattern because the Enabler has a giant head, but I probably could have stuck with 96 and it would have been fine.  He says it fits well but I think it's a bit too big  He's the one wearing it though so if he likes it I guess that's what matters!

Instead of the jogless join technique suggested in the pattern, I used Eunny Jang's method which I've mentioned before.  I really think it is the best.  If you didn't know the join was there, you wouldn't even be able to tell.  The beginning/end of the round where I did the colour changes is in the middle of the picture below.

I also made some progress on my sweater this week.  I managed to join the sleeves (no magic required), and I started on the raglan decreases.  It really looks like a sweater now, and I don't even have to arrange the pieces to make it look that way because it's all one piece!

However, I have halted a bit and I'm not really sure what to do next.  I made the sleeves a bit narrower than what the size I was knitting called for because they looked too wide, so I have less stitches on the sleeve portions than what is indicated in the pattern.  I also didn't increase as much for the bust as the pattern said, so I have less stitches for that as well.  I knew these modifications would change the stitch count from the pattern, but I just thought that I would figure it out later.  Well, now it's later and I'm a bit stuck.  I can't decide if I should try to make the stitch count that I have match what's in the pattern to make the end part easier, or if I should just keep on doing what I'm doing.  The hood size is the same across all sizes in the pattern, so you'd think that when I'm finished the raglan decreasing that as long as I can get the right amount of stitches going for the hood and it's centred then all will be well.  But there's also neck shaping that I think I'm supposed to start soon.  Part of me thinks I should just forge ahead and figure it out as I go, but the other part of me is pretty sure that's a terrible idea.

What will happen next?  Tune in next week to find out...

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