Monday, 13 February 2012

It was love at first sight

Somehow, within the last week, I have obtained more than a kilometre of sweetgeorgia yarn in the colour that is foisted upon every little girl, who then grows up a little and then (because it's in her genes), demands that everything be this colour because it is the bestest colour.  Then she grows up a little bit more and rebels dramatically against all things that are this colour and you'd be hard-pressed to find even a shred of it anywhere in her wardrobe because it's "too girly".  Then she grows up still more and realizes that maybe being a little girly isn't a bad thing, and starts introducing it back into her wardrobe, one item at a time, until one day she realizes that it has somehow taken over, and once again has to scale it back until the wardrobe is a bit more balanced.  Or maybe that was just me.

Of course, I am talking about pink.  Although these days I still do wear the occasional pink garment, I realized after obtaining so much pink wool at once that I have never bought strictly pink yarn for anything that would be for myself.  I have bought some pink acrylic (shush, it was a long time ago) to be incorporated into blankets or slippers, but I've never bought pink wool.

And now I have, like I said, over a kilometre of the stuff.

To be fair, 765 yards of it is a skein of sweetgeorgia merino silk lace that Helen gave to me in exchange for a bunch of homemade cider.

I do like pink, but this is not a pink that I will wear (it's a little dustier in real life than in the photo), and not in lace weight.  However this does not mean I am ungrateful for the yarn.  Quite the contrary.  It's very soft, I do like the colour (just not for me), and I have never knit with lace weight before so I am kind of excited to try.  I was showing off my pink yarn to my mom on the weekend and she immediately exclaimed that she loved this colour, so I'm pretty sure this will turn into something for her.  I'm not sure what yet, and anyway I'm not going to talk too much about it because I might attempt to have it be a surprise.  I have a few ideas rolling around in my head already!

The other 375 yards of pink are from the February shipment of sock yarn from the sweetgeorgia sock club.

I should have been expecting pink due to it being February but it still caught me a little off-guard when I opened the box, perhaps partially due to the other pink newly in my stash.  I do love this pink though, it's a more vibrant pink than the lace weight, and mixed with the purple it's quite striking.  It's still a little bright for a shawl or scarf by itself but I think it would look delicious striped with black or a deep purple or something like that.

I've been all about the stripes lately.  There's just something about them that makes me happy.  I finished Daybreak/Sunset and I can't wait to block it and wear it!  It even has a little pink in it.

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