Friday, 3 January 2014

Gift Wrap 2013 (Part 2)

As promised, here is the second round of the Christmas knitting.

First is the Water Dancer Cowl which I actually knit way back in April but didn't sew the buttons on until just before it was sent to its new home.  At the time I started it I wasn't intending to give it away, partly because I didn't know what it was.  This was the Game of Thrones mystery knit along that I participated in.  After it was finished I didn't think it was something I would wear, but I kept it around because I knew it would be a great gift!  It can be worn a few different ways.  Either as a hood...

...or a cowl.  And the sides can be unbuttoned as well for a different look.  The recipient sent me lovely pictures of herself wearing it but I forgot to ask for permission to post them so you get to look at my shifty face again instead.

One of the great things about the gift knitting this year was that I discovered a couple of great sock patterns that are still really simple and easy to memorize, but are a step up from the basic top down sock.  First are the Old Joe socks which I really wanted to keep for myself.  I can see myself making these socks over and over again.  I already have a pair planned for the Enabler but I have some other socks to finish for him first so they'll have to wait.

Next are Hermione's Everyday Socks which I cast on and bound off while watching the Harry Potter movies, because what else would I watch while knitting them?  I completely fell in love with this pattern and with the yarn too, actually.  Since I was trying to keep to my goal of knitting gifts just from yarn in my stash I came across this yarn which had been there for over two years and decided to knit these socks with it.  It was a perfect combination and the resulting socks were very hard to give away.  This picture does not even come close to doing the colours justice.

Luckily I have some very yummy variegated yarn in my stash that would be a perfect combination with this pattern, so as soon as I finish a few other projects I will be making some of these lovelies for myself.

The last item for today is not a gift that I gave.  A friend commissioned me to make a cat ornament for him to give to his girlfriend.  A couple of hours and I had this to show for it (pattern is here).

This is just way too adorable.  I really want to make some more of these for my own tree, but I have some time now before that has to happen.  Our tree is going to come down soon, probably this weekend, which means I have almost a whole year to make some and start planning for next Christmas.  I know, I know, every year there is a different ornament pattern that I am determined to make a bunch of in time for next Christmas, but it never seems to actually happen.  However, I'm sure that this year will totally be different.  


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  1. I love my socks and the picture does not show the richness of the colours. Thank You Amy..Hugs and Love