Sunday, 17 November 2013


My holiday knitting is coming along well this year, surprisingly so.  I finished another gift today and even did a small side project.  No, you can't have any pictures, at least not until after the holiday season.  You'll just have to put up with me talking about it for another month and a half.  I'm really excited about a lot of it this year though.  Not that I'm not excited about it in other years, but there's a few things that I really can't wait to show off!

Until then though, I do have other things going on, the next few weeks especially are pretty busy.  The annual retreat for my LYS is coming up, so today I read over the list of supplies that I'll need for the classes I'm taking (beaded ornaments and knitting with wire).  I noticed I needed 3.5 mm needles for the beaded ornaments class, and while I do have 3.5 mm circular needles, I've never gotten around to getting dpns in that size.  I was pretty sure that I did have 3.25 mm needles though (which I think is close enough, especially since my knitting tends towards looseness), so I went to my needle roll and found three 3.25 mm needles.  Double pointed needles generally come in sets of five or six, and it's pretty tough to do anything with just three, so I began to worry.  Where could they have gone?

I racked my brain and went through my mental list of projects in-progress and decided the needles were probably in with my completed hexipuffs.  I unearthed the bin where they were, dumping a bunch of stuff on the floor in the process, and the needles were not there.

Shortly thereafter it clicked.  I had been using the needles (all five of them) for a sock project and then needed those needles for something else, but apparently I only needed three of them, because I mashed all of the stitches of the sock onto two of the needles and shoved it back into the bottom of my old knitting bag.  When I finished the other project (whatever it was, maybe it WAS the hexipuffs?) I just put the needles back into the needle roll, evidently forgetting completely about where I took the needles from.

How great is this sock?  And I totally stopped knitting it even though I was pretty close to being done, and then nearly completely forgot about it.  The yarn is handspun from my first few months of having a wheel, and this is the first knitting I did with my own handspun.  This sock deserves to be finished, and it deserves to have a mate.  I think I have to finish this sock now that I found it again.  Also, I need the needles for the class at the retreat.  I have stitch holders but I'm pretty sure they're holding stitches on yet another unfinished project.  Yeah that one needs finishing too, I'll get to it eventually... I hope.

Dear Readers, this is one of the many reasons why I am on a yarn diet.  Awesome projects like this that need to be finished so they can see the light of day.  I'm going to keep telling myself that, anyway.

I've been working more on the Starfish Stole, however finishing it isn't urgent anymore as I'm not going to my company dinner after all.  The only disappointing thing about not going is that I won't have a fancy dinner to wear a fancy new wrap.  It probably wouldn't have been done by then anyway.  This is how far I am:

I've still got a bunch of the first ball of yarn and I have another whole ball of yarn still.  That's good because I'm hoping it will end up being pretty big.  I'm a little worried it will end up being too short since I'm making it wider than it's supposed to be.  It will stretch a lot though, and it looks a lot better when stretched out.  The above picture does not give any indication of what it actually looks like.

This is more like it:

Kinda excited, not gonna lie.

It's officially winter here now, but I've been meaning to get my favourite winter scarves and shawls washed and ready to wear for awhile.  Yesterday I finally washed and re-blocked my Juneberry Triangle which I made over two years ago and is still one of my favourites.  It's made of Cascade 220 so it's pretty sturdy, and I decided to try a bit of experiment.

Usually when I'm blocking things I do it in the office and keep the door closed to keep the cats away from it, since I'm never sure what they'll do.  Yesterday after pinning it all out I left the office door open, and sure enough, it didn't take long before this happened.

I didn't think much of it, because I know other knitters have cats that like to lie on their knitted things while they're blocking and it's not a big deal.  I figured he'd get bored/lonely after a short while and then leave it alone, which was what happened.

Or so I thought.

This morning I checked on it and discovered that it had been rumpled up a bit despite my pinning, and there was a small snag (fixable but still annoying).  Worse than that though, was that someone, and I'm not naming names, had left an unpleasant surprise for me on the shawl.  Given the history of the certain unnamed someone(s) leaving unpleasant surprises for me in certain places around the house (the floor mats by the doors, the ottoman, the bedroom rug, the bed, etc...), I really should have known better.  I'm calling it a learning experience, and while I'm re-washing and re-pinning it out for another hour I will tell myself that at least now I know.  And, I will leave the door closed.

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