Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Pom Pom!

Let me just start out by saying that I totally love knitting tiny hats.

I am getting to the age now where other people around my age have started having kids. For some reason though, very few of my close friends are among these people. My brother is nowhere near having kids (as far as I know), and I do not have kids yet and probably won't for at least a few years. All this is to say that I am often at a loss as to where I should direct my desire for tiny hat knitting. This may not sound like a real problem (and I guess it isn't), but I'm talking about it anyway.

When I recently became a step-auntie-in-law to two adorable little boys, I realized immediately that my tiny hat knitting inclinations were going to have a new outlet. Christmas knitting still got in the way a bit but I was still able to do some quick post-Christmas knitting for my newly acquired nephews!

Both hats were knit over the course of a weekend. The pattern for the more red one is called Aviatrix, and the more orange one is the Ky Baby Ear Cozy Hat (but it's sized up to adult). I will definitely knit these again, and I might not be able to wait until I have more little ones to knit for. I can just fill my house with tiny hats, right? Right??


  1. Adorable!!! And can fill your house with little hats =D