Tuesday, 29 May 2012


It's finished!

Well, it's finished if you use a loose definition of "finished".  I haven't measured it, or blocked it, or weighed my leftover yarn.  There may even be a couple of ends that are still sticking out although I'm not going to look that carefully.  I actually wove in the ends (as well as I could) almost a week ago, but it's been raining pretty much solidly since then.  The rain finally let up this afternoon and I grabbed my camera and the Enabler and whisked him to the backyard to try and get a couple of pictures.  He actually took some good ones!  I think that might be some kind of record.  My weird face in the first picture is just because I was making a weird face, not because he didn't take a nice picture.

Full disclosure, these pictures don't begin to show how ridiculously cold it was/is outside.  I'm just glad I was wearing a shawl.

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