Tuesday, 10 January 2012

With a capital "S"

Last week, the Enabler got Sick.  Usually when he gets sick it's no big deal and he's healthy again in no time.  But when this sick lasted longer than a couple of days and made him tired enough that I (gasp!) actually had to cook dinner a couple of times, I knew something was up.  Next, people at work started dropping like flies.  I knew it was only a matter of time at that point.  I think I started getting sympathy symptoms before the real ones set in, and sure enough, Friday evening I knew for certain that I was Sick.

I woke up early on Saturday anyway, and got some good knitting time in.  I actually finished two projects before noon (posts on those coming soon), which meant that the only started project I had on the go was that lace tipped striped scarf that I'm less than enthusiastic about these days.  So instead of starting something new (since the Sick was really starting to take hold by then and I couldn't muster the energy to think of what to start next or go rooting through my stash), I just lay on the couch watching movies or playing video games.  This lasted for the rest of Saturday, and all of Sunday, and half of Monday (I stayed home from work since I couldn't walk more than 10 feet without feeling like I was going to die).  The other half of Monday was spent in bed due to the fact that my head was playing host to a very large, boisterous, and unrehearsed drum circle.  The worst part about this nearly three day span was that I kept thinking what ideal knitting time this could have been if I could only muster the energy to find the Noro and some needles and cast on for that Noro Striped Scarf I've been meaning to do (because that's about as complex as I could have handled)... but I couldn't even do that.  It was awful.  I haven't gone that long without knitting in probably a year now.  Sure there's been a knitting-free day here and there but even those are few and far between, and NEVER two in a row.

So today, I did manage to go to work, but it wasn't great.  I was pretty exhausted at the end of the day, but when I got home it wasn't more than a few minutes before I decided enough was enough, headed purposefully to my stash, and found the needles and the yarn to make the Snapdragon Flip-Tops.  I think the surprising success of the hat really gave me the push to start these so I can have the matching set.

I had a false start but it didn't take me long to figure out that 3.75 mm needles was going to be too loose, although the pattern calls for 4 mm.  I don't have any 3.5 mm needles but I cast on with the 3.25 mm needles and it seems just about right.  Even with those it seems a little loose but I think it'll work just fine.

When the Enabler noticed what I was doing he smiled and said "So you're feeling better then?"  And I realized that I was feeling better.  Still sick, but not Sick.  Of course the knitting and kitties may have something to do with that.

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